Aqualuxe Countertop Kit (#Aqualuxe)


Multipure’s Aqualuxe model is truly the state of the art in water filtration.  It combines unparalleled performance,  wifi smart connectivity, and contemporary design.  NSF International certifies Aqualuxe to remove the widest range of contaminants, over 100 potentially toxic chemicals, chlorine, lead, arsenic, chloramines, PFAS, pharmaceuticals and much more.  Additionally, it is certified for bacteria and viruses, something few others can claim.

Wifi connectivity is optional;  but once paired with your devices, this unit will inform you when you need a new filter, it has a built-in leak detector, and allows you to monitor performance virtually.

So whether you are on municipal water or well water, if you have concerns about PFAS, bacteria and viruses, this is the unit for you.  Because well water is sometimes vulnerable to bacterial contamination, the Aqualuxe is of particular value to those users.

The single replacement filter is certified for 500 gallons and is designed for easy installation.  This model can be easily and quickly hooked up to any standard faucet and its sleek contemporary design will look great on the countertop.

Please note: While this unit works with standard faucets, if yours is a modern faucet with a built-in pull-out spray hose, then this model cannot be connected.  If that is the case, consider a below sink unit.

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