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Why I Love My MP Customers

May 3, 2016

Something incredible happened today. I am still “choked up” when I talk or write about it.  It has to do with Flint and Multipure and the kind heart of one of my customers. It personifies the spirit of this company and the people who love it.

Today I was visiting with Margaret, a customer in Acton MA, who wanted me to deliver and change her filter cartridge. While I was there, she commented about the bad situation with lead in the Flint, MI water.   I shared with her that Multipure’s Pure Foundation was planning to donate scores of free systems and filters for life to the Flint Boys and Girls Club and many of their members.

I told her I was hoping to join the team of volunteers who would install these systems this summer, and told her that I had donated three Multipures. Margaret asked me how much a system cost and I replied “About $400”.

Then, she took out a checkbook and handed me a $400 donation. I was overwhelmed. Her kindness, her caring, her willingness to support a cause like this are exemplary. I never even asked for that donation…she volunteered it. She told me she wanted to help, even if it just helped one family or one child.  She said she had grown up in a town right next to Woburn MA, which experienced its own  toxic crisis in the 1980s when children were coming down with leukemia due to water pollution from local tanneries and WR Grace Company.

Thanks to her example, I am guessing that lots of other people might also want to help. Fellow distributors might want to donate Multipure units they have in their inventory to be refurbished and sent to Flint. Other folks might want to send any financial contribution directly to the “Pure Foundation”.

The address: 7251 Cathedral Rock Drive, Las Vegas, NV. 89128.  The need is urgent and this project is truly blessed and inspired.