Aquaversa Countertop Model (#MP750)


This long-lasting, high quality stainless steel model is a great option for people who rent or do not want to hire help to permanently install a below sink system. It will sit on top of your counter next to the sink and is easy to hook up.  Thus it is also more portable than a below sink system and can be converted to below sink at a later date with the purchase of an installation kit.  Great for apartments, travel, and vacation homes.

This countertop Aquaversa attaches easily to all standard faucets without any specialized tools and allows users to switch between filtered and tap water by pushing a button.

Please note:  If your faucet is a  modern one with a pullout sprayer on the end of it, then the countertop unit cannot be connected.  If you find yourself in this situation, your only option is to install a below sink unit.

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