Waterwise 4000 Countertop Distiller


Distillers produce “purified” water without fluoride or minerals.  The water they produce will be similar to reverse osmosis water, but with much less expense, installation cost, and maintenance. This is the least expensive way to remove fluoride, for example, so if that is a high priority for you, consider a distiller.

The distillers I recommend are manufactured by a company called Waterwise, not by Multipure.  The distillation process uses evaporation and condensation to separate fresh water from its contaminants.  The prolonged boiling process kills virtually all types of microorganisms and also filters out minerals such as fluoride, arsenic, nitrates, and sodium.

While distillers are best at removing minerals, they do not remove all the chemicals that can be in water.  That is why we recommend also installing a Multipure Drinking Water System.  Use the Multipure water to fill the distiller.  Just put the unit on your countertop and plug it in.  Fill with one gallon of water and in 4-5 hours it will produce one gallon of distilled water.

The model #4000 has a stainless steel boiler, automatic shutoff, and a glass storage collection bottle.  The only maintenance required is a monthly scrub to wipe off the minerals which buildup in the chamber.

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