Model WC1000 Bottle-less Water Cooler


(Coolers are not a Multipure product)

These coolers are suitable for home or office when instant hot and cold filtered water is desired.  The coolers are manufactured by Vertex Water Corporation and the filters we use with them are the Multipure systems, ordered separately.

Once purchased and installed, there is no bottle or delivery hassle and cost, just the yearly cost to replace the Multipure filter.  Typical cooler users report an 80-90% savings as compared to their prior bottled water costs.

We offer both standard floorstanding coolers as well as countertop coolers so you can find a model that fits your space best.  The standard floorstanding coolers are similar to those bottled water coolers you see everywhere, but with no bottle on top!  The countertop coolers are half the size for use when there is no floor space.

Each installation is a custom job, usually done by a facility person or a plumber.  Feel free to contact us to discuss setup feasibility for your location.

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