Aquaperform Countertop Model (#MP880)


The countertop version of the Aquaperform is ideal for people who rent or may be moving in the near future, since it is easier to install and requires no permanent alterations in the plumbing or counter.  It is also more portable and easy to move with.

This long lasting, high quality stainless steel model uses Multipure’s solid carbon block filter to remove the widest range of contaminants, including Arsenic V and PFAS.  The countertop unit attaches easily to all standard faucets without specialized tools and allows users to switch between filtered and tap water by pushing a button.  It can be converted to below sink at a later date if desired with the purchase of a below sink installation kit.

Please note:  If your faucet is a modern one with a pull-out spray faucet on the end of it, then the countertop unit cannot be connected.  If this is your dilemma, consider a below sink Aquaperform.

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