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You Matter

Jun 10, 2013


I was driving down a narrow winding country road today, following a big dump truck.  As it rolled along, I noticed how the tall grasses and weeds on either side swayed strongly in its wake.  The truck driver had no idea that he was causing such a reaction.

I got to thinking how we are all like that truck.  As we go through our life, we are always in motion.  What we do, what we decide, how we live matters.  Since everything is connected to everything else, whatever we do is significant.  Our lives cause ripples that radiate out from our wake.

Since this is an internet blog, it is possible that you and I have never met.  Nevertheless I know something very important about you:  you matter.  And since you are reading this water blog, I assume you are interested in the quality of the water you drink.  And that matters.  So for your health and for the health of your family, why not make the best decision?  Why not take the best action possible, and do it today?

For a lifetime of great water, get a Multipure Drinking Water System.  Do it now, and set in motion a chain of positive health outcomes that will radiate outward through your family and your community.  I’d like to help you achieve that.  And keep on truckin’ !!!!!