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You Can Take it to the Bank

Aug 1, 2014


Today I got the following email from someone interested in our filters:

“I was wondering if you are interested in coming up and giving us the options for a water filtration system.  Currently what we do is have a Poland Spring Bottled Water delivery for drinking and cooking water. We can go through about 40 gallons of “drinking” water per month. Which is costing us around $80.00 per month.

“One of the things that is very important to me is to determine if there is a breaking point where I will save money vs. increasing expense. So with that, I would want to know the cost of installation and maintenance of the units that you may have to offer over time and when I would break even.”

I wrote back telling her that I had good news, so good she could take it to the bank!  After crunching the numbers, I wrote to her that she would break even after six months, save $480 the first year and $870 every year after that.  After five years Multipure would save her over $4000!

      Now I realize that its not all about the money.  For many of us, it’s about the purity and taste of the water,  and we know that Multipure is the best-tested, most highly-certified filter on the market.  And for others of us, it’s about the convenience.  No more plastic bottles to buy, lug, store or lift.  All the water we could ever want for drinking, cooking, tea and coffee and much more.

 Cost, convenience, purity.  This is an easy decision.