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You Are What You ____________ (fill in the blank)

Sep 30, 2012

therapistBack in 1967 when almost every experience was an Ah-Hah Oh Wow revelation, I remember being told “You are what you eat.”  And suddenly it made sense to eat whole grain bread, brown rice, honey instead of white sugar and that weird new health food, yogurt.  Thus began my own journey into healthier eating.  How about you?

Try this one on for size:  “You are what you drink.”  So just for a moment, put down that Budweiser and contemplate the role of water, pure, nourishing water in creating a better you.

My old friend Jim Walters once told me, “Water is essential to life.  Our bodies are 70% water.  You know, the brain is 75% water, the lungs are 86%, the liver 96% and the blood is 83% water.  Sometimes I think human beings are just an excuse for water to get up and walk around!”


          Do you drink enough water?  2/3 of us don’t actually drink our 8 glasses a day.  Do you jog?  Workout?  Pregnant or nursing?  You may need even more.  Dehydration is just another word for “all dried up”, and who wants to get there?

But to drink a lot, water has to have a pleasant taste, so better to drink Multipure Filtered Water.  Multipure water is chemical-free, lead-free, and chlorine free.  Why settle for less when you can be more?  For more vitality and pickup, get a MULTIPURE today.
 Just for fun, try commenting on this blog.  Tell us some other creative ways to fill in the blank:  “You are what you_________”