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Water Discovered on Mars!

Aug 8, 2011

roverThis week NASA announced that its Reconnaisance Orbiter has relayed photos of the surface of Mars that confirm the likelihood that there is liquid water on Mars.  In fact, a basic premise of the space program is: “Where there is water there is life.”  That is an affirmation of just how important water is, not only to potential Martians but to us here on Earth.  That is why it is also the name of my blog!

Scientists have observed geological formations there that suggest liquid water may flow on the surface of the desert planet during its “summer” and recede during the long cold winter.  Primitive bacteria and micro-organisms could form in that water and who knows–maybe one day full-fledged Martians will be using Multipure filters to purify their drinking water just like we do.  Stay tuned for extraterrestrial distributor opportunities.  (just kidding!)

I don’t necessarily think it is justifiable to spend our billions of dollars on our space program when that money could be better spent feeding hungry people on our planet, but I have always been fascinated that at the emotional heart of our space program is the search for life, and scientists have always maintained that the primary ingredient for that life would be the discovery of liquid water!

As we like to say “Where there is water there is life.  And where there is pure water, there is abundant life.”