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Walking on Water

Mar 20, 2013

walkingI’ve never walked on water, but I have floated on top of it in the Dead Sea, a body of water whose mineral concentration is so high  that it is almost impossible to submerge!  Did you know that seawater is is 220 times saltier than normal fresh water? And the Dead Sea is 8.6 times saltier than  ocean water.  You can literally sit upright or float in that slimy brew and read the newspapers! (that’s me in the photo lolling about with my sandals on)

With Easter almost here, I thought it would be fun to examine the role of water in the New Testament:  John purifying and baptizing believers in the Jordan River, Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding festival in Cana, and Jesus walking on water. With all these events, you can choose to believe they literally happened or to view them as metaphors, as teaching tools to help us become better people.

Let’s look at walking on water.  Early in his ministry, Jesus had gathered a group of followers and sent them by boat to cross the sea of Galilee (a beautiful freshwater lake).  That night the wind kicked up and the waves made navigation difficult.  The sailors rowed against the currents, struggling to maintain control.  Ever feel like things are out of your control? Events swirling around you?

The  followers looked out from their boat and saw the impossible: Jesus, their teacher, was walking calmly to them, on top of the water.  Despair turned into confidence.  The winds died down.  Peter tried to duplicate what Jesus did but was not able to stay above the water.  The ship made it to the other side and their faith had been strengthened.

Unlike dry land which is solid, water is fluid.  It represents change and dynamism.  It flows. To “walk on water”, one must be able to rise above the turbulence and uncertainty of change.  To “walk on water” is to master the change, to go with the flow.  Water represents emotions and the unconscious.  To walk on water is to recognize all that is below the surface that affects us.  It means not denying our emotional core.  Walking on water is about lifting our spirits and becoming lighter.  Lighter than water.  Less dense.  Balanced.

Our physical bodies are more than 60% water.  To be healthy, to stand tall, to walk and live we must make sure our hydration/foundation is adequate and pure.  And that’s where Multipure comes in.  Better water, better food and a positive mental attitude will support us and allow us to better navigate stormy seas and difficult life challenges.