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Taking Multipure for Granite

Jul 26, 2013

granite     Find yourself between a rock and a hard place?  Trying to figure out how to install a Multipure faucet in a granite counter?  You are not alone; more and more kitchens feature granite.  Many homeowners back away from getting a Multipure because they are afraid of damaging or cracking their beautiful expensive counter!

Worry no more!  I run into lots of granite counters in my work.  I have installed more than 50 into granite and it is simple, easy and quick with just a few basic tools.  I usually tell homeowners they have three options:

1)  If you already have a built-in soap dispenser, consider removing that and using the hole for the Multipure faucet.  This is the quickest, easiest option.

2)  If this is a new kitchen or under construction, consider asking the counter contractor to drill the hole for you.  Just tell them “standard hole size” and they will know what size you mean.  Or, just show them the faucet.  I recommend folks putting in new kitchens buy their Multipure ahead of time to show the contractors so they can do some pre-planning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3)  Do-it-yourself.  Or have your handyman or plumber do it.  All you need is this $20 diamond-tipped drill bit (1/2″), some plumbers putty and a variable speed drill.  This takes ten minutes.  Contact me so I can email you instructions.  I am a pro!

      I have already done four of these jobs just this week.  The finished product is a great looking Multipure faucet in a great-looking counter.