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Ride the Trend Wave

Dec 11, 2013

farmers market      Everywhere I look, folks are making healthy choices/changes.  Three of my adult children just ran their first half-marathons.  Friends are going gluten-free.  I am experimenting (successfully!) with being a vegan.  An aging basketball buddy is trying yoga to stay limber.

Five years ago, who ever heard about quinoa?  Now it’s popping up everywhere.  Organic is one of the fastest growing segments of the food business.  And natural food stores like Whole Foods are finding more and more young adult shoppers.   Green smoothies, anyone?

Clean water goes hand-in-hand with these choices.  Our job as Multipure ambassadors is to reach out to people who are  already working at improving their quality of life.  We know from experience that Multipure’s solid carbon block drinking water systems are the state-of-the art.  This is backed up by 43 years of experience serving millions.  And it is affirmed by this year’s top rating from Consumer Reports.

So next time you are in the gym or in the organic section of your grocer;  or the next time you have a dinner party and one of the guests requests a “vegetarian” option, this is an opportunity for you to tell them how much you like your Multipure and why.  You will be doing them a favor!