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Once Again, #1 Rating in Consumer Reports (2013)

Jun 6, 2013

My daughter Theresa and Baby Rae  know their Multipure is great and now they don’t have to take their Father’s/Grandfathers’ word for it!  Nope, all they have to do is look it up in the 2013 Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning and Buying Guide (July Special Issue).  Just like 2012, Consumer Reports lists Multipure as the #1 undersink filter system.

This year, CR tested over 40 systems, including 10 in the undersink category.  They evaluated them for removal of chloroform and lead as well as flow rate, clogging and annual replacement filter cost.  Using those criteria, Multipure got an overall score of excellent, the top score!  The runner-up costs $165 more than Multipure and its replacement filters cost three times as much!

Consumer Reports also gave these helpful comments:

1.  Pick a filter that is NSF certified (Multipure is)

2.  Carafe filters (pour thru pitchers) that filter best also clog quickly.

3.  Some refrigerator filters are only Fair at removing impurities.  Save money by installing an undersink filter and connect it to the fridge’s supply line and bypass the refrigerator’s built-in filter.

4.  If you have a well, have it tested by a certified lab