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Multipure on the Move

Jan 2, 2014

How many times have you moved in the past twenty years?  One of the nice things about Multipure is that you can take it with you!  I am using the same undersink Multipure I bought 27 years ago even though I have moved four times. It only takes five minutes to uninstall the system and put it in a box.  And of course, the countertop unit is even easier;  it is designed with portability in mind.

I get calls all the time from customers who have moved and didn’t know this.  They left their Multipure behind with the house and then called me to purchase a new one.  Of course I don’t mind the business, but if you are thinking of moving at some point in the future why not invest the five minutes and save the money?

Here’s another travelling tip:  Get a Multipure AQUAMINI filter, pack it in your suitcase and set it up in a minute in your hotel room.  My mini goes everywhere with me.  This April I will take it with me when I go to a nephew’s wedding in Brazil!  It only costs $169 and isn’t much bigger than a coffee mug.