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Listen, Learn, and Lead

Jan 7, 2014

walsh 2     Boston has a new mayor, Marty Walsh.  Yesterday I heard his inauguration speech and a phrase jumped out at me.  Walsh pledged to “listen, learn and lead.”  As I reflect on this simple formula I realize that it has immediate application in our lives.  Let me explain.

My understanding of people is that what we have in common is much greater than that which divides us.  We all pretty much want the same things, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We want good health, happy families and meaningful work.  We want to make a decent living and at the same time make a positive difference in the world.  What Mayor Walsh suggested is a guideline for all of us.

LISTEN.  In my work as a Multipure Distributor, it is essential to find out what my prospect wants, what problem they need to solve.  There is no better way to build a positive relationship than active listening.  By active listening I mean setting aside my own agenda, asking questions and repeating what a person says to me.  Listening honors that person.   This approach works equally well whether in a work or family situation or even an interpersonal relationship.  We only have one mouth but we have two ears, so use them!

LEARN.  Once you truly listen you can’t help but learn.  Learning involves taking in new information, new ideas, things you hadn’t already been exposed to.  To learn you have to take in data from outside your own head.  And once you begin learning you develop an insatiable appetite to know more.  Then you can pursue all available means to dive deeper into the subject.  As a Multipure Distributor, I am always learning more about water issues, about health, about environmental factors and about filtration technology.

LEAD.  If you have been listening and learning, you are building your worth, your social capital.  What you have is valuable.  We all desire to make this world a better place and we can do this by leading;  it involves teaching what we have learned either by word or by example.  In my work, I lead a person to make the Multipure decision.

Take a moment and reflect on your own path.  How can you apply these principles and maximize your potential?  Thank you, Mayor, for  your success formula:  Listen, Learn, Lead