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Keep the Lead Out of My Granddaughter

Jun 27, 2012

pipeNot all stories have a happy ending.  This one does.  At this writing I am 2 weeks away from becoming a grandfather for the third time and it gets more exciting with each one.   This past winter (month 3), my newly-pregnant daughter and her husband returned to their house after a weekend getaway to find a pool of water over the sidewalk between the street and the house.

They called the Public Works Department who came out and told them it must be a broken pipe underground.  They sent out a truck and the digging began.  Once they got down there, the crew told them that indeed their water supply pipe was broken, a very old one (50+ years old) and that it was a lead pipe and needed to be replaced.  Who knew? What that meant was that up until then, all the water going into that house could have been carrying lead.  Lead is particularly harmful to children and fetuses, and can cause neurological disorders, behavioral and learning disabilities.

lead-pipe-groundThe good news here is that my daughter and son-in-law had installed a Multipure Water Filter long ago.  Thanks to that filter, no lead was reaching their bodies.  No lead in Momma, no lead in my Granddaughter-to-be.   I like that.  Makes me very happy.

Protect your family now.  Don’t wait until you discover bad news sometime in the future.