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It’s A Coffee-Enhancer!

May 16, 2013

People get emotional about their morning coffee.  How about you?   Many of us can’t do without it.  I look fcoffee photoorward to it but often am disappointed when I buy my coffee outside the home.  Sometimes it is good but more often not.  Seems like I have to buy coffee four or five times before I get a good cup.  Suddenly it dawned on me…coffee is mostly water and if the water is not excellent, then the coffee will suffer.  Makes sense to me!

Most tap water is laced with chlorine and when you start your brew with that water it just won’t come out right.  I remember a Multipure Conference 25 years ago when I met Myra, mother of champion distributor Jeff Breakey.  Myra had also achieved much success selling Multipure.  She told me she doesn’t refer to it as a water filter…she calls it a “coffee enhancer”.  And she was right.

Do an experiment.  Brew a cup of coffee with Multipure filtered water and compare it to one brewed with your own chlorinated tap water.  Taste the difference.  Long live the coffee enhancer.