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Hitting the Road With Multipure

Apr 17, 2014

Oh the Places You’ll Go!  (Dr. Seuss)  Over the years I have shipped Multipures to customers in more than 25 states.  Multipure has gone with me on overseas vacations.  And with more closeby customers, I get to travel to scenic and beautiful spots to deliver and/or install them.

Today I drove up the coast on a beautiful sunny (cold!) Spring day to the coastal town of Gloucester to service a whole house system.  As the waves crashed against the rocky shoreline, I was thinking how grateful I am that Multipure takes me places.

To Mexico, Israel (see photo), Italy and Brazil.  I brought a portable countertop unit with me to Mexico so I would have safe, healthy water and not have to constantly go out to buy bottled water.  I can report no “Montezuma’s Revenge”.  When I left Israel, my Multipure stayed behind.  My Tel Aviv cousin Roni wanted it for her apartment.  In Italy, we took it with us on a bike trip and installed it in every inn and villa we stayed at. Multipure even visited the Colosseum with me in Rome.  And next week, the Aquamini will accompany us to Rio De Janeiro.

Every summer while we vacation on Cape Cod, I schedule a “work day” so I can deliver and install systems in the full-time or vacation homes of local Codders who want filtered water.  I love to step outside and breathe the mountain air of my customers in Stowe Vermont or the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

Taking care of my family, I have brought Multipure to my birth city of Baltimore for parents, brother, and aunts and uncles.  To New Jersey and  to Tribeca in New York in the shadows of the spectacular new World Trade Tower for my Son.

But my favourite story is the time I was courting my now-wife in Cleveland, early-on in our relationship.  On one visit I noticed she was using bulky two gallon bottles of bottled water, so the next visit I wrapped a Multipure with gift wrap and a red ribbon and presented it to her.  She loved it.  I am sure it got me lots of brownie points.  But the funny part is, I knew even then I was eventually going to propose to her and if she said yes, I would get the Multipure back.  So Multipure helped me win her affection and it didn’t cost me a penny!