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Generations of Multipure

Jul 19, 2013

Tubby drinking     Baby Rae is one year old this week (she’s younger in the photo!)  She will grow up drinking Multipure water. I remember installing my own Multipure when my children were infants, and now they are having babies.  Water babies.

In my business, there is probably nothing more satisfying than seeing a new generation embracing Multipure.  Having been a Multipure Distributor for 27 + years now, I can happily report that many of my newest customers are young people who grew up with Multipure and now want the same for their new adult homes.

Multipure has been around for 43 years.  The original founders of the company, Alvin and H. Allen Rice, have turned over the leadership to Zackary Rice, Alvin’s son.  This kind of generational continuity speaks volumes about the stability and long term value we offer.

If you love your own Multipure and wouldn’t do without it, maybe its time to think about your adult children in their new homes.  Now is the time to encourage them to follow your example.  Many parents purchase a Multipure as a gift or housewarming present for their younger families.  Forward to the future!  Forward to future health!