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Eat Your Water…Drink Your Food!

Aug 19, 2013

We all know we aren’t drinking enough water.  We hear over and over again to drink 8 glasses a day but that is a bit too simplistic for me.  After all, some people are big, some are small, some workout and some are couch potatoes.  Some folks have special conditions and different metabolic needs.  Some are infants and some are elderly.  8 glasses?  Interesting but hardly practical.

Consider this:  75% of your fluid comes from drinking (hopefully Multipure water) but the other 25% comes from your food.  It seems kind of obvious that the kind of food you eat will influence the amount you need to drink.  For example, soup is high in water.  When I am eating soup with my meal, I don’t feel the need to drink as much water.

All food contains some percentage water so if you want to increase your overall water intake, eat more fruits and vegetables.  Conversely, if you are eating lots of meat and animal foods, you will need to drink more water.  Here’s a list to show you how some foods rank:

  1. lettuce 95% water
  2. watermelon  92%
  3. broccoli  91%
  4. grapefruit  91%
  5. milk  89%
  6. orange juice 88%
  7. yogurt  85%
  8. apple   84%
  9. meat  50-60%

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you don’t need to drink as much water.  If you eat meat with every meal, you need more water (partially to flush out toxins!)  More salt: more water.  If you are caring for an elderly person who has trouble drinking enough water, encourage them to have soup, or fruit, or yogurt more often.

One final point which I will illustrate with a powerful video below:  When you prepare food with water, such as cooking grains or beans or pasta, the quality of that water is important.  If the water is chlorinated tap water, guess where that chlorine ends up?  In the food.  That’s why we recommend cooking with Multipure.  Kenton Jones, Multipure Drinking Water Specialist, shows how this works in a video: