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Comparing Filter Systems

Mar 26, 2014

mp-aquaversa-belowsinkI got a call yesterday from someone who was ready to get rid of her old water filtration system (“Omnipure”) and wanted to compare it to Multipure,  (pictured on the left).   She told me that twice in the past year she had ordered new filter cartridges online and both times when she installed them they leaked.  Could I come and check them out?

The first thing I noticed was that her system was made of plastic and when I turned on the water both cartridges began leaking profusely.  I explained that plastic can expand and crack under pressure, whereas the Multipure is stainless steel and has a lifetime warrantee.  Plumbers love the Multipure precisely because it is virtually leakproof and very durable.

Then we checked the NSF certification.  Her system was only certified under standard 42, only taste, odor and chlorine.  Multipure is certified under standards 42 and 53.  Standard 53  includes many, many  herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals as well as chlorine byproducts, cysts, heavy metals and much more.

She told me that in the course of a year with her old system she noticed a deterioration in taste.  We did a taste comparison and she was very happy with the Multipure difference.  I assured her that over the life of the Multipure cartridges, the taste would always be great.

And finally, she told me she wanted personal service and helpful customer support.  She had purchased her old system online and when she had the leaking problem, all they could do is send her new cartridges which also leaked.  She was frustrated by the strictly online communication experience.  Multipure offers outstanding corporate support and we have excellent local distributors all over the country.

Needless to say, she had me remove the Omnipure right on the spot and immediately put in a Multipure undersink Aquaversa model.