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Breast Cancer & Water: A Personal Tale

May 28, 2014

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My customers are my teachers and today I got a jaw-dropping lesson.  It’s about breast cancer and a possible link with drinking water.  Breast cancer took my first wife, Gean, in 1992 so when my Multipure customer told her own story to me, I listened carefully:

My customer had worked her whole life as a nurse.   She and her husband bought their first Multipure back in the 1970s and have used Multipure water ever since.  Her home is in Winchester,  Massachusetts, an otherwise very pleasant, affluent community with its own reservoir.

Kathy told me there were ten houses on her block and over the period of a decade, women in eight of those houses were struck with breast cancer.  The only two houses that were untouched were hers and her daughter’s house across the street, and they were the only ones with Multipure water.  She has since bought a Multipure for all her adult children.

    Chilling, huh?  I was so shaken by her story that after leaving her house, I pulled over by the side of the road, turned off the engine and immediately hand wrote this account down so I could share it later in a blog with you.


Was this cause and effect?  Was it the drinking water?  We will never know.  But we do know that chlorine byproducts, endocrine disruptors and traces of other chemicals found in some tap water can stimulate cancer growth.  We do know that Kathy’s neighbourhood had very old and degrading pipes.  A recent study by Silent Spring Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health confirms the connection between endocrine disruptors and breast cancer.

Why take a chance?  Multipure can definitely eliminate those contaminants.  In my discussion with Kathy I pointed out that we generally learn about such water problems in our town only after a cancer cluster is identified, not before.  Every home should have a Multipure ahead of the problem.

I realize and want you to recognize that what I heard from Kathy is “anecdotal”, and that cancer causation is a very elusive riddle.  Obviously, there are many women who drink tap water and do not get breast cancer.  And there are women like my wife who drank Multipure for the last 5 years of her life and came down with it anyway.  But the story I told is an eye-opener, especially in light of the recently-published scientific news about chemicals and breast cancer.

I held off publishing this blog for a while, because I do not ever want to use fear tactics to sell product.  I struggled with the issue of whether to tell Kathy’s story or whether to suppress it.  After the recent studies were published, I decided to publish so that you, my reader would have the information and make up your own mind.