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Black is the New Green

Feb 21, 2013

earthWhen we think of environmentalism, we think of the term “Green”, because that is the color of living plants, trees and grass.  All living things need water to survive, and all living things do better  when that water is clean.  Do you know that every drop of water that ever existed on this planet still exists?

That’s right; the “hydrologic cycle” ensures that eventually all water evaporates and vaporizes and ultimately rains back down on the Earth.  It is a closed loop;  nothing is lost. Mankind temporarily interferes in the quality of that water by polluting it and changes the distribution of it by development and skewed usage patterns but ultimately, the water will always exist somewhere.

“Multipure” is synonymous with the term “solid carbon”, because Multipure developed the world’s most effective water filter using solid carbon block technology.  Ironically, carbon is also one of the basic building blocks for life.  All life has carbon.  And all life requires water.  Eventually, over eons under the earth, carbon can turn into diamond.  When you think of your carbon block filter, remember how valuable that is!

The carbon Multipure uses is from coconut shells.  It is a renewable resource.  It is the sustainable, environmentally healthy alternative to bottled water (which depends on fossil-fuel produced plastic bottles and litters our Earth for thousands of years).   Most folks get the concept now:  why waste all that plastic and litter the planet when you can drink better water for less with a Multipure sustainable filter?  You never have to throw away or replace our Multipure stainless steel housing;  it is warranteed for LIFE.

When you picture carbon, you picture our black filtering material.  It has the ability to adsorb volatile organic chemicals, chlorine and chlorine byproducts and so much more.   And clean water is essential for your health.  That’s why we say: Multipure is good for you and good for the planet.

Black is the new Green