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Are You Drinking at Work?

Nov 7, 2013

water cooler     A silly question?  But maybe not.  In today’s workplace, with all the pressures and time demands it takes a conscious effort to stay properly hydrated.  Coffee is King, but we are all aware that too much coffee can give you the jitters, or a headache, or cause you to make countless trips to the bathroom!

       In the course of my day I visit many offices and am amazed how prevalent the Keurig machines have become.  In most offices, those machines run off of tap water, which is full of chlorine.  That may explain why office coffee is often pretty off-taste.

If you are fortunate to have a water cooler in your office, be sure to go there more often than the coffee pot!  Most bottled water tastes good and we all love those hot and cold options.  If you are really fortunate, the water used for your coffee comes from the cooler.  Keep a cup of water or container on your desk or on the car seat next to you when you work.  When it gets empty, refill it!

Here’s the best news of all:  many offices are replacing their bottled water coolers with a bottle-less cooler connected to a filter.  This gives you the convenience and great taste of bottled water without the hassle and without the environmental waste of all that plastic.  And most offices can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year when they switch to bottle-less coolers.

I have installed hundreds of these coolers all over Boston, including more than 40 at Tufts Medical School.  They have saved more than $10,000!  The coolers are installed to run off a Multipure Filter and come both as full-sized floor-standing and countertop models.  Schools, offices, waiting rooms, hallways, industrial spaces, fitness clubs, churches.  If you work somewhere outside the home, contact us and see if we can help you.